Stuffing your car or SUV to the brim? Need a broom handle to poke and prod until you have all the adventure gear stored? We've all been there. It's not fun, it's time-consuming and often you'll have to take two cars for any group camping. Why not change the way you travel? Yakima has been changing lives for years and is considered a leader in rack design.

Yakima began in the 1960's as a solution to outdoor equipment storage. They believed, and still do, that gear should be outside of the car and friends should be in the car. From there, Yakima's mission has held strong and so have their racks.

Not sure which rack you need for your car? Whether it is for camping, biking or water sports, Yakima has a solution available. You can consult Great Lakes Outpost or Yakima to find the proper model for your vehicle. 

To Yakima, every part of the journey is important. From the first step into the trail to turning on the last street before making it home. That is why they have dedicated their company to maintain unquestioning quality.  Every Yakima rack is designed to last and offer the best experience possible. That is why they are backed with a limited lifetime warranty. 

Ready to hit the road? Pack up and get outside!