Sometimes, there is nothing as satisfying as a good knife, one that you can put to the test and it always delivers. From the blade to the handle, when the knife is right it is as if the gates have opened and music is pouring out in euphoria. (We might be over-exaggerating here.) There is no denying that having the right tool for the job makes life easier.

Kershaw has been producing knives since 1974. Their foundation was the drive to create quality knives that last a lifetime. Kershaw knives are dependable, useful and ready to get the job done. 

Over the years, Kershaw has developed technologies that have improved their knives. The SpeedSafe® assisted opening lets you open your knife one-handed. Their patented Composite Blade Technology combines two steel blades with a braze alloy. This allows for maximum performance of the blade. Each Kershaw knife has a different steel blade. No two steels do the same, so they pair each knife model and its intended use with the best steel available. This has led to them creating many steel blends to get the best performance.

The Kershaw name is well-known in the knife industry. People know that Kershaw resembles excellence and predictable quality. Just don't blink - you might miss your next new knife.